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Lime is the oldest cementitious material known today. It was widely used in the construction of the pyramids inf Egypt. The Romans studied its properties, establishing norms and quality controls. It was always used as a building material or as an agricultural amendment.

Since the beginning of the XX century, lime started to be used in industrial processes. Currently more than 90% of manufactured lime is sold as a natural chemical reagent as calcium oxide (unslaked lime), as well as calcium hydroxide (slaked lime). This is why it is more considered to be a basic chemical product than a building or agricultural material.

The versatility of this chemical product is reflected by the fact that in some way it is present in almost all industrial processes. To be more specific, lime is used as a: neutralizer, fluxing material, causticizer, lubricant, drier, for cementing, absorbing, precipitating, as a disinfectant, a waterproofing and, of course, as a raw material.

Type of applications

The excellent quality of our products enables its application in the more diverse industries.

Industrial sector

Steel, paper, chemicals, leather, rubber, mining, glass, aluminium, pharmaceuticals...

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Effluent treatment, industrial waste, flue gas treatment...

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Building industry

Manufacturing of mortars and plasterings, soil stabilization, public construction sites, asphalt...

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