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CALES DE PACHS, S.A., was founded as a limited liability company, on the 9th of October 1967.

Cales de Pachs 1975-01
Cales de Pachs 1975-02

In 1971 a new rotary kiln was put in place with a heat exchanger and with liquid combustion, the first one in Spain with these characteristics. Thanks to this new technology an important improvement in quality was achieved along with a greater cost reduction.

In the middle of the energy crisis, it was decided to change the type of fuel and the use of micronized carbon began. The carbon installation started working on August 23rd 1982.

The same year a group of grinding and micronization of quicklime were installed with the goal to achieve a range of fineness which oscillates between 2.000 and 40 microns. CALES DE PACHS was the first lime producer in Spain to manufacture this kind of material.

A new kiln with a double-jacketed shell started to work in 1995. It uses a system of regeneration to recover heat, with a more advanced system of calcination, computerized auto-control and energy saving, which guarantees constancy in the product and maximum quality. It is considered the Best Available Technique.

In 2005, another kiln was installed with a double-jacketed shell like the former one, with a regenerative cycle for calcinating small stones, thus obtaining a better exploitation of the raw material.

In 2007, with the aim of reducing CO2, emissions, another mill was put in service in order to treat and mix biomass with the traditional fuel.

The objective of CALES DE PACHS is to continue growing within its own industry, stimulating the use of lime and to foster its applications, keeping the commitment to contribute to a sustainable economic development, cooperating with its employees, their families, with the local municipality and with society in general to improve quality of life.

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