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CALES DE PACHS has been in the manufacturing of aggregates for construction since 1997. In this same year a renewed stone classifying and crushing installation is brought into operation ensuring a more uniform stone size ensuring a more homogeneous size of it. At present, CALES DE PACHS has two quarries: in Pacs del Penedès and in Vilanova i la Geltrú.

The aggregates production process is fully automated and controlled from a single point, where not only the operation of the plant is monitored, but also trucks are remotely loaded.

The Quality Department analyses daily the equivalent of sand according to the norm UNE 83131 and the "Los Angeles" wear according to the norm UNE-EN 1097-2. Moreover, periodically, the other components and features according to the standard norm, thus ensuring the quality of our products.

These aggregates are formed by a single component, calcium carbonate (CO3 Ca), with small percentages of Si, Al2, Fe2 and Mg coming from limestone of natural origin. The graded aggregates contain also some fine silt particles.

Our different aggregates are:

Arena 0-4 mm In bulk, in a dump truck
Ojo de perdiz 4-7 mm In bulk, in a dump truck
Garbancillo 7-15 mm In bulk, in a dump truck
Gravilla 15-25 mm In bulk, in a dump truck
Zahorra 0-20 mm In bulk, in a dump truck
Mezcla (arena and garbancillo) In bulk, in a dump truck