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Agriculture and breeding

The quality of our products has been of great pride to us during all this time. Thanks to its calcination process the calcium oxide we manufacture has certain features, which differentiates it from the rest of limes in the market. With a high level of reactivity it is ideal for certain industrial processes. Our products are applied into the agriculture and breeding industries for agricultural amendment, henhouse waste treatment, animal feeding, etc...

Type of applications

The excellent quality of our products enables its application in the more diverse industries.

  • Agricultural amendment

    Calcium and magnesium amendments are the basis of modern and rational agriculture:

    • They are part of good field management (acidity, porosity, biological activity of the soil,...).
    • They allow an optimal mineral and organic fertilization (better rationalization of manure spreading).
    • They improve plant and animal productions (grass quality, grain quality, etc).
    Agricultural amendment
  • Henhouse waste treatment

    The soil of a henhouse is always covered with feedstuff remains and hen excrements. This mixture is usually humid, which acts as a feeding ground for bad smells and hen parasites, propagating sicknesses with lots of ease, such as coccidiosis disease. Slaked lime reduces bacterial activity, works as a sterilizing agent and loosens the layers allowing in this way air circulation and humidity evaporation. Henhouse waste treated with slaked lime is an excellent fertilizer known as “poultry manure”. It is usually applied in field crops, providing phosphor, nitrogen, potassium, lime, magnesium, sulphur and organic material.

    Henhouse waste treatment
  • Bordeaux broth

    This is a copper sulphate solution to which lime milk is sufficiently added for neutralization; these two liquids are separately prepared and then put together. The attacked plants are sprinkled with the resulting mixture, which is very effective, particularly to combat mildew on vines, fusicladium in fruit trees, maize smut, the rotting of leaves and tubercles in the potato, etc...

    Bordeaux broth
  • Animal feeding

    It is used as a reagent for its high reaction rate, for the production of calcium soaps in the manufacturing of additives and derivatives of animal feed.

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    Animal feeding