In our calcium oxides production process, we have implemented a rigorous System of Quality Control that ensures the features of the different limes we manufacture.

A systematic analysis of the drill hole debris at the different stages of the quarry is done. We constantly track the purity of calcium carbonate possessed by the extracted lime stone. Depending on this, the manufactured product is assigned to one market or another according to the required features in every one of them.

The Production Department does a basic follow-up of the richness in calcium oxide being produced by the calcination kilns by doing quick analysis, which get reassessed on a daily basis in our Quality Control Laboratory, which also does daily controls on reactivity, fineness, useful lime, volume stability and others necessary for a good follow-up of the manufactured product.

Depending on the size we supply our calcium oxide:

  • In bulk. In dump trucks and in pressurized tank trucks with self-discharge.
  • Packaged. In plasticized raffia big bags with one or four handle and up to 1.100 Kg. In plasticized micro-perforated bags to protect the quicklime from humidity, with 25 Kg of weight.


Once analysed the lime is stored in different stock tanks depending on its quality and its final application. One of these tanks is used for providing the hydration part of the plant with calcium oxide, which with the addition of water, transforms itself into slaked lime or calcium hydroxide.

It is the responsibility of our Laboratory to analyse the different purities and fineness that we are producing, to control the lime that is used in the building industry by conducting daily tests on the volume stability of our slaked lime and so ensuring perfect hydration.

Also, our calcium hydroxide is saturated with water, which activated with a dispersant to keep it in suspension, produces a milk lime with up to 45% concentration, which we have called GELCAL®. This is a registered product primarily targeting small users within the environmental protection.

Besides, we are currently developing a calcium hydroxide with a high specific surface for flue gas treatment.

Like quicklime we can provide calcium hydroxide in:

  • Bulk in tank trucks fitted with self-discharge.
  • Big-bags up to 700 Kg.
  • Paper valve bags or Kraft Quikfil in 12 and 20 Kg.
  • Cube-containers with 1.000 litres.