Cales de Pachs philosophy is based on sustainable growth and social responsibility. For more than a decade, we have been using green energy in our production processes, and we collaborate with the municipalities around us to maintain the balance between our activity and the society that surrounds us.


In Cales de Pachs we have been using alternative fuels to produce our lime for years. Almost 50% of the fuel we use comes from renewable energies. In addition, we apply new technologies to reduce CO2 emissions.

Pursuing our commitment to work for a more sustainable planet, in recent years we have planted almost a thousand trees around our company that allow us to capture more than 30,000 tons of co2 per year.



At Cales de Pachs we believe that responsibility towards what surrounds us adds up to the values ​​that our company wants to convey. That is why we guarantee the well-being of the society that surrounds our headquarters, and we preserve the natural environment that welcomes us.


The treatment of controlled landfills with lime insolubilizes the heavy metals from landfill leachates, achieving an inert solid in order to avoid contamination of soils and aquifers.