All over Catalonia there are already more than 200 companies that are part of the program and most of them belong to the industry sector

Cales de Pachs has been betting for years to adapt its business model to a more sustainable type of production. Throughout the last decade, the company has integrated respect for the environment as one of the fundamental pillars of its ideology, applying the use of green energy in its production processes and creating innovative products that respect the environment.

To further strengthen its involvement in the fight against climate change, the company based in Pacs del Penedès has joined the Program of Voluntary Agreements. The project, promoted by the Generalitat de Catalunya, recognizes companies that voluntarily want to establish a commitment to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG).

The initiative started a decade ago and more than two hundred Catalan companies and entities have already joined. The majority (18%) are part of the industrial sector, but there are very diverse areas. In Penedès, there are already more than a dozen that are part of it.

Through the agreement that companies and organizations sign with the Generalitat, the entities undertake to monitor their GHG emissions and establish annual measures to reduce them. Thus, the Government promotes that the member organizations carry out active policies to diagnose and reduce their emissions in accordance with tested and controlled methodologies.

The Program pursues the following objectives:

a) Contribute to the reduction of GHG (CO2eq) emissions in Catalonia.

b) Incentivize and promote the implementation by organizations of actions in relation to the fight against climate change, especially in terms of reducing their GHG (CO2eq) emissions.

c) Disseminate the action proposals and the results achieved by the organizations so that the experience gained can be useful for other companies.

d) Raise awareness among society as a whole about the feasibility and benefits of carrying out strategies to reduce GHG emissions

The affiliated organizations have a label in Catalan, Spanish and English, promoted by the Catalan Climate Change Office, which recognizes voluntary actions.