Industrial applications for lime

The calcium oxide from Cales de Pachs has a high reactivity index, ideal for various industrial processes such as: neutralizing, melting, caustic, lubricating, drying, cementing, absorbing, precipitating, disinfecting or waterproofing.

DENTAL CARE PRODUCTS. The lime is used in a quenched form for its disinfectant properties and its calcium contribution.

MEDICINES In many medicines, precipitated calcium carbonate derived from lime (easily assimilated by the body) is associated with the active molecules.

THE COSMETIC INDUSTRY incorporates lime in depilatory products in which it is used for its basic properties.

MANUFACTURE OF GELATIN. Gelatin is made from ox, cow and pig bones, clean of meat, fat, dried and chopped. Hydrochloric acid is first applied to separate the mineral elements from the organics. Subsequently, a lime grout is applied to the organic elements for 30-60 days in order to obtain the collagen by hydrolysis.